Avengers Cricket Club

Adnan Cricket Academy happens to be associated with one of the most active and prolific cricket entities in London, The Avengers Cricket Club or ACC. The ACC works in conjunction with a number of other clubs, educational institutions as well as charities for the promotion and proliferation of cricket activities in the region.
The Club was founded by Faisal Javid and ACA’s Head Coach Adnan Choudhry in response to the lack of cricket grounds and clubs in Walthamstow Leyton Hackney and its surroundings. The foundation of the club was built on streamlining competitive cricket on both county and national-region so that young players with no access to support are taken care of.
The club has been instrumental in representing talent on bigger platforms such as the National Cricket League (NCL). They have also been working with charities and underprivileged children to give them chances to hone their gaming skills.

The ACC consists of the following members:

Serial No.Player NamePlayer Details
1Abdul Ghani Shinwari All Rounder
2Abu BakarBatsman
3Adnan ChoudhryAll Rounder
4Faisal JavidBatsman
5Hamza KamranBatsman
6Haroon AshfaqAll Rounder
7Haroon IslamBowler
8Hassan MalikBatsman
9Hussain AliBatsman
10Ijlal AliBatsman
11Khizer HayatBowler
12Malik WaqasBatsman
13Mudassar YousefBowler
14Muhammad AyazBowler
15Mustafa MohammadAll Rounder
16Musroor TajAll rounder
17Qasim KhanBatsman
18Saleem UllahBatsman
19Sami UllahBatsman
20Shakil AhmedAll Rounder
21Shoiab MalikAll Rounder
22Syed Harron SaleemAll Rounder
23Thomas BisvasAll Rounder
24Umair ShabbirWicket Keeper
25Vagnesh KumarBatsman
26Yawer MalikBatsman
27Zeeshan ShabeerBowler

The ACC has been working with other clubs and government agencies to support cricket in the communities of London and give players a better chance to be successful.
The Club has had a very good year despite the pandemic. In fact, they were able to participate in T10 and a few other colt and adult leagues. As the team prepares to add more players to the club, here are the stats for this year


Adnan Choudhry1349235.76
Musroor Taj1034127.12
Harron Islam1238117.95
Qasim Khan103197.03
Khizer Hayat722.488.93
Yawar Malik112578.24
Shoaib Malik36.457.66
Abdul Shinwari410510.7
Zeeshan Shabbir3609.5


Yawar Malik1334663
Waqas Malik1234085
Musroor Taj12335135
Adnan Choudhry1322875
Hussain Shabbir1222247
Umair Shabbir1319248
Haroon Ashfaq612250
Fasial Javed99234
Shoaib Malik77140
Abdul Shinwari43723
Haroon Islam83615
Qasim Khan796
Haroon Shah100