5 Basic Batting Tips All Aspiring Batsmen Should Know

They say nothing determines the fate of the match than how the batsmen perform on the field. So integral is their presence that cricket is often dubbed as the batsman’s game. A good batsman knows their strengths as well as limitations. Ranging from patience to their response to bowling attacks, each one of them can have a unique skill set and have the ability to set the field on fire!
When it comes to winning a match, what matters is how many runs have been scored. It is commonly believed that the batting part of the game is what can win and save matches. The good news is that there is tons of information available on how to become a promising batsmen straight from the experts themselves. For your learning purpose, we have compiled some of them in a list.

1. Paying all your attention to the ball
This sounds very basic but despite this tip being obvious, a lot of people get distracted by the mundane activities on the field. The ball is the most important thing for you as a batsman and you should watch it like a hawk. When the bowler crosses the crease, make sure that your eyes focus on the ball and track its movement.

In an interview with a publication, English batsman and wicket-keeper Jos Buttler mentioned the importance of hitting through the ball. According to him, it is crucial that the batsman is not off balance. He also advised that it is smarter to take the ball slightly earlier and then hit it long through the ball.

2. Finding the Perfect Grip
As a beginner, getting the grip right is of utmost importance. It is often advised that beginners keep a neutral grip so that they can easily play shots on all sides of the cricket and be flexible. Of course, your comfort level also counts but certain grips are more reliable than others.

3. Going back to Build Momentum
This technique has been extracted from baseball but works well for a lot of players in cricket too. It requires you to keep your back foot at the back and move the front foot forward. This little exercise will help you gain momentum as it gives you the motivation to come back to the ball.

4. Find your forte
While it is understandable that you aspire to be like your favorite batsman, it is important to remember that everyone has unique abilities. Some of the techniques used by the world’s best players are advanced and they have reached there after nailing the basics. Practice building a solid stance and grip before you move on to trigger movements. A good coach should not be pouring too much information into your head as a beginner and keep the technical details to a minimum. The crease and getting the bat on the ball should be perfected, first. The rest is secondary.

5. Determine the strength to put in your shot
When the ball comes at you, recognize where it is aimed at. It can go towards the wicket, or sideways. Whatever it is, will determine the strength you need to put in hitting back the ball.
These techniques and pointers will help you get a great start and although they aren’t exhaustive, they are the first step towards fine tuning your skills as a batsman. Batting is as much about your physical strength as it is about your ability to make quick decisions on-ground. We hope you found this blog helpful. Until next time, keep practicing!

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